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Lighting assets are everywhere, from construction sites to farms and villages. Wherever lights exist, humanity is working or playing and there are efficiencies to be gained from solutions that reduce our impact on natural resources and the environment. Those solutions can also improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world. Two areas of focus for us at enLight is to help realise the promise of Smart Urban Infrastructure – more commonly known as Smart Cities but also covers towns and villages – and Smart Facilities Management. There are tremendous cost and resource savings to be made by applying the Internet of Things philosophy of connecting everything to the internet in populated areas and commercial or educational buildings.

The biggest challenge to delivering these “Smart” benefits is getting the data from the sensors into the cloud for intelligent decisions to be made in a cost-effective manner. That is where the enLight lighting platform comes in as it provides that foundational wireless connectivity for a whole host of additional efficiency gains and automated control. For more information on how enLight could help you deliver real cost and/or carbon benefits to your city, town, village, school, campus or workplace, please click one of the solution focus areas below.

Smart Facilities Management

Deploy the enLight platform across your car parks or campus and get a low-power wireless network that can penetrate into buildings and connect a whole host of building management, energy metering and plant monitoring and control technologies.

Smart Cities

The enLight solution delivers a massively scalable platform for sensors and actuators to make any Urban Infrastructure – Cities, Towns or Villages – truly Smart at the lowest possible cost.

IOT – The Internet of Things is the trending buzz phrase. To us It’s Only Technology and unlike most of our competitors we know how to make it work.

Unlike many of our competitors, Enlight has the power to deliver complete end to end SMART city solutions, which consist both of the devices necessary for effective monitoring and the networks to power them.