Annoucing the enLight Smart City Pilot Kit

Take the first step towards the most cost effective smart city platform available

The new enLight® Smart City Pilot Kit is a combination of an enLight lighting upgrade with a selection of enSense™ sensors for monitoring air quality, noise levels, localised flooding and microclimate levels. The kits enable local authorities to try out new smart city data collection technologies and use the data to build a business case for a larger deployment. The Smart City Pilot Kits are offered in recommended bundles to provide statistically relevant data but they can be customised subject to your specific priorities and available budget.

The lighting upgrade creates the mesh network and provides the connectivity backbone for all the sensors deployed across the city, town or village. By upgrading the streetlights with the enLight HID Retrofit Kit, energy and maintenance costs can be more than halved so the smart city platform pays for itself as it is built out. Clusters of sensors can be deployed where they are needed and geospatial and timestamp correlation can link data streams for improved decisions.

An added benefit to the enLight platform is that every lighting upgrade delivers Location Based Services capability using Bluetooth beacon technology so trials of high street re-invigoration or point-of-interest information triggering can be explored as well. Capabilities can be explored across multiple departments such as:

  • Lighting Team – Viability of the platform as a CMS for reducing energy and maintenance costs
  • Environmental Team – Air quality measurement in real team and in many more locations
  • Drainage Team – Water table levels and their impact on SUDS and localised flood alerts
  • Community Team – Measure noise levels to enforce licensing restrictions or detect crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Environmental Team – Measure microclimate information at a much more granular level to correlate its impact to air
    quality in real time
  • Economic Growth Team – Explore the use of beacon technology for high street re-invigoration and increased resident and
    tourist engagement

The table below shows condensed highlights for the various products included in the Smart City Pilot kit. For more information on the kit bundles and specific details of each product, please get in touch on +44 (0) 1508 521227

The Smart City Pilot Kit components

HID Retrofit Kit

Extends life of existing lanterns
Halves energy and maintenance costs
Builds out Smart City mesh network

Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor

Measures NO2 to 10ppb
Configurable down to 1 minute intervals

Ozone Sensor

Measures O3 to 10ppb
Configurable down to 1 minute intervals


Noise Level Sensor

Sends alerts based on threshold limits
Listen for specific frequencies

Water Level Sensor

Mounts in base of lamp post
Accurate to 1mm of water
No moving parts

Microclimate Sensor

Measure temperature, humidity and barometric pressure
Co-locate with NO2 and O3 sensors for correlation

Cost effective smart city deployment

By deploying the enLight platform on lamp posts across the city, town or campus, a whole host of smart applications can be realised by utilising the network created by the lights. Multiple wireless technologies do not need to be funded and the inherent value of the street light estate increases as it allows resource reduction or increased efficiency projects to be deployed, without the major capital cost of their own networks. The enSense sensors are fully compatible with the enLight enCore™ Management System or via other management platforms through the enLight enTalk API.