Lighting Sensing and Control Products

Lighting Products

Existing and future lighting infrastructure can be upgraded to save energy and reduce maintenance costs. Augment this infrastructure with the enLight smart platform and create a network for next generation monitoring and control across your entire estate.

Sensor Products

The new series of enLight®enSense™ sensors have been designed to work in harmony with the enLight platform and use the network created by the upgraded lighting infrastructure to carry the data from where it is being recorded to where it is needed in the cloud.

Control Products

Advanced, future-proof and real-time asset management devices that provide a new level of monitoring and control. Taking data from sensors, one is able to control motors, fans, switches, levers, gates, lights or anything else that can be automated using sensors.

We have already seen a 43% decrease in electricity consumption since using enLight products!

As a means of reducing its costs and minimising its carbon footprint, ARM has upgraded the lamps in its Cambridge car parks. We have already seen a 43% decrease in electricity consumption and, once we implement a dimming profile, we expect to see a total saving of 50% with its corresponding COreduction.

This will result in an ROI of less than 3.5 years but with the added benefit of full remote monitoring, control and reduced maintenance costs. We are so impressed that we are now installing more enLight technology.

Ian Whall, Facilities Manager – ARM Holdings PLC

Future proofing with the enLight® lighting platform

All enSense™ sensors are designed to enhance the capability of the enLight® platform. All of the sensors can be connected and mounted below the lantern itself (such as air quality or micro-climate) or in the lamp post to monitor water table level in the base of the column. Future sensors will integrate seamlessly into the existing deployment and can derive their power and connectivity from the lantern via a simple cable connection. Away from the lamp post, wireless enSense devices (coming late 2017) will connect to the network via the nearest lamp post (using the enLight® DOLFin™ Pro) for their data feed to be sent on to the enLight enTalk™ API.

Cost effective smart city deployment



By deploying the enLight platform on lamp posts across the city, town or campus, a whole host of smart applications can be realised by utilising the network created by the augmented lighting.

Multiple wireless technologies do not need to be funded and the inherent value of the street light estate increases as it allows resource reduction or increased efficiency projects to be deployed, without the major capital cost of their own networks.

The enSense sensors are fully compatible with the enLight enCore™ Management System or via other management platforms through the enLight enGauge™ API.