enAct™ High Power Asset Controller


The new series of enLight® enAct™

controllers have been designed to add control to the existing sensor and network capability of the enLight platform. Each enAct™device can be connected to a DOLFin® Pro for Enterprise either individually or as a cluster of devices and use the mesh network to communicate with the rest of the system as well as the BMS being used. Most of the enAct™ range is DIN rail mountable and includes devices for IO control, high power asset monitoring, circuit monitoring, relay switching and appliance monitoring and control.

The enAct™ High Power Asset Monitor is designed to accurately measure power consumption of a variety of assets, using discrete measurement of both voltage and current. This provides real-time energy usage as well as a number of other variables such as active, reactive and apparent power, true RMS current and RMS voltage, frequency and power factor. The High Power Asset Monitor also includes a relay so that the asset can be taken off power temporarily as part of a Demand Side Response program where assets such as hot water tanks, chillers or freezers can be aggregated together as a load that can be flexed as the grid demands. It has a maximum power rating of 16A.

Most devices in the enAct™ range come in a standard 105mm x 90mm x 60mm DIN rail mountable package for easy mounting in plant rooms or distribution cabinets and they fit most types of enclosure for both indoor and outdoor use. The enAct devices are wired into the enLight® enTalk™ network by connecting to a DOLFin® Pro for Enterprise radio node in a loop-in/loop-out configuration to support additional sensors or actuators in the same location.

enAct™ High Power Asset Controller features:

  • Power Monitoring Accuracy capable of 0.1% error across 4000:1 dynamic range

  • Active, reactive and apparent power measurement

  • True RMS current and RMS voltage measurement

  • Frequency measurement and power factor measurement

  • Output power limited to 16A

  • Internal fuse protection

  • Mains filtering and surge protected

  • Universal mains power supply at 85-265V AC (47-60Hz) or DC

  •  5 year guarantee

enAct™ High Power Asset Controller Technical Specifications:

  • Mountable in standard enclosures

  • Mains power supply
    85-265V AC or DC (47-60Hz)

  • Temperature range
    -20° to 50°

  • Power filtering and surge protection

  • Connectivity
    enTalk compatible

  • Power limit

  • UV tolerant housing

  • Colour

  • DIN rail mounting

  • Weight

  • Wired or Wireless

  • Dimensions

Cost effective smart city deployment

By deploying the enLight platform on lamp posts across the city, town or campus, a whole host of smart applications can be realised by utilising the network created by the lights. Multiple wireless technologies do not need to be funded and the inherent value of the street light estate increases as it allows resource reduction or increased efficiency projects to be deployed, without the major capital cost of their own networks. The enSense sensors are fully compatible with the enLight enCore™ Management System or via other management platforms through the enLight enTalk API.