The enLight HID Retrofit Kit

enLight® HID Retrofit Kit

The new enLight® HID Retrofit Kit is a combination of the enLight® entelli-Ballast™ and the enLight® DOLFin® Pro for installation into relatively new lanterns to make them up to twice as power efficient and make HID lamps (SON or Metal Halide) last 2-3 times longer. Instead of throwing perfectly good lighting fixtures into a skip, the HID Retrofit Kit gives lanterns a new, much more efficient extended lease of life.

The HID Retrofit Kit is easily retrofitted into most lanterns and will typically take just 20 minutes to complete, Simply remove the existing control gear and fasten the entelli-Ballast™ in place using the clips provided. The DOLFin®Pro can be mounted on the top of the lantern via a 20mm hole and comes pre-wired with an RS485 cable that fastens to the socket on the entelli-Ballast™ (it is keyed to ensure it cannot be connected incorrectly) and that provides the power and connectivity for the DOLFin®Pro itself.

HID Retrofit Kit features:

  • Achieve >50% improvement in energy consumption from existing lanterns
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs due to 2-3 times increase in lamp life
  • GPS location for accurate and automated asset management
  • Multi-sensor array for enhanced remote diagnosis and management
  • Wired and wireless enTalkTM capable for flexible sensor or actuator connectivity
  • Sub-20 minute installation time for rapid deployment
  • Can be connected to enLight® enSenseTM sensors for a variety of Smart Cities applications

HID Retrofit Kit Technical Specifications:


  • Universal ballast for SON or Metal Halide lamps
    26 -150W
  • Ultra-soft start for longer lamp life
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lamp type auto-detection
  • Voltage/Frequency input (AC or DC)
    90-265V 47-60 Hz
  • Temperature range
  • Power Factor
  • Dimming – Linear
  • Ignition Voltage
  • Lamp Current Wave Form
    Sine Wave
  • Control Input
  • Dimensions
    L 115mm H 45mm W 98mm

DolFIN® Pro

  • Network speed
  • Range
  • Network Topology
    Self Healing Mesh
  • Network data transmission
  • 256 AES Encryption end-to-end
  • SELV (Low voltage supply)

  • Antibacterial Polycarbonate shell
  • Environment protection IP68 Design
  • Additional sensors supported
  • IBeacon & Eddystone support
  • Anti-fouling and bird-proof design
  • Dimensions (including seal)
    ∅75 x 98mm

Seamless integration with enLight lighting platform



All enAct devices are designed to work seamlessly with the enLight platform. Most of the devices can be mounted in any DIN rail enclosure using a GST mini connector for mains input. Devices providing high power output use the same GST Mini connector.

All devices include two RS485 connectors for connecting to an enLight DOLFin® Pro, leaving one socket free to connect a single or a daisy chain of other sensors or actuators – subject to total power draw.

Away from the vicinity of the mains powered enAct device, wireless enLight enSense™ devices (coming late 2017) can connect to the network via the DOLFin Pro for their data feed to be sent on to the enLight enGauge™ API.

Cost effective smart city deployment

By deploying the enLight platform on lamp posts across the city, town or campus, a whole host of smart applications can be realised by utilising the network created by the lights. Multiple wireless technologies do not need to be funded and the inherent value of the street light estate increases as it allows resource reduction or increased efficiency projects to be deployed, without the major capital cost of their own networks. The enSense sensors are fully compatible with the enLight enCore™ Management System or via other management platforms through the enLight enTalk API.