Power Measurement and Switching

The enAct Power Controller adds accurate energy consumption and the remote switching of circuits to your Smart Facilities Management platform

High Power Asset Controller

Add high power assets such as hot water tanks and freezers to a Demand Side Response program whilst measuring its true energy consumption

8-Ch Digital IO Controller

Connect legacy sensors such as pressure pads, buttons and contact switches into your system whilst also adding control of off-the-shelf actuators such as solenoids, beacons and sounders

4 Channel Relay

In conjunction with an enAct IO Controller, the 4-Ch relay can switch 4 independent circuits of up to 10A each so adding remote control to legacy assets or loads.

enAct™ Decorative Lighting Controller

enAct Decorative Lighting Controller adds power monitoring, remote switching and independent scheduling of Christmas or other seasonal lighting displays.

Cost effective smart FM deployment

By deploying the enLight platform to light fittings and extending into plant rooms using powered enAct devices, throughout the building or campus, a whole host of smart applications can be realised by utilising the network created by the lights. Multiple wireless technologies do not need to be funded and the inherent value of the lighting estate increases as it allows resource reduction or increased efficiency projects to be deployed, without the major capital cost of their own networks. The enAct devices and enSense sensors are fully compatible with the enLight enCore™ Management System or via other BMS platforms through the enGauge API.

Seamless integration with enLight lighting platform



All enAct devices are designed to work seamlessly with the enLight platform. Most of the devices can be mounted in any DIN rail enclosure using a GST mini connector for mains input. Devices providing high power output use the same GST Mini connector.

All devices include two RS485 connectors for connecting to an enLight DOLFin® Pro, leaving one socket free to connect a single or a daisy chain of other sensors or actuators – subject to total power draw.

Away from the vicinity of the mains powered enAct device, wireless enLight enSense™ devices (coming late 2017) can connect to the network via the DOLFin Pro for their data feed to be sent on to the enLight enGauge™ API.