enLight DOLfin® Pro


The new enLight DOLFin® Pro brings enhanced capabilities to the enLight intelligent network platform. Aside from increasing the speed and range of the node-to-node connection, the new design has a plethora of additional sensors and capabilities built in – from impact and seismic detection to Bluetooth LE beaconing and including accurate location from the on-board GPS.

By packing in a multitude of sensors into the new DOLFin Pro, data can be gathered on the health and performance of the lantern and the post it is attached to. The 9-axis sensor can detect motion, orientation and direction and can send an alert if the post is hit or interfered with. The highly accurate light level sensor measures daylight lux and colour temperature and can trim additional minutes per day off the burn hours for that lantern. Mounted on a lantern, the DOLFin Pro becomes a routing node for the enTalk™, self-healing mesh network that can cover a city or campus one lamp at a time.

DOLFin® Pro features:

  • Symmetrical and 256 bit encrypted data link at 150 kbit/s with up to 1000 meters range
  • Physical web and location based services through iBeacon and  Eddystone support
  • GPS location for accurate and automated asset management
  • Multi-sensor array for enhanced remote diagnosis and management
  • Wired and wireless enTalk capable for flexible sensor or actuator connectivity
  • Anti-foul and bird-proof IP68 design for maintenance free operation
  • 20mm standard electrical fitting with integrated antenna for easy mounting

DOLfin® Pro Technical Specifications:

  • Network speed
  • SELV (Low voltage supply)
  • Range
  • Antibacterial Polycarbonate shell
  • Network Topology
    Self Healing Mesh
  • Environment protection IP68 Design
  • Network data transmission
  • Neoprene mounting seal
  • 256 AES Encryption end-to-end
  • Quick diagnostic status LEDS 
  • Firmware Upgrade Capable 
  • Multiple sensor support
  • Impact Detection
  • Dynamic RF power control
  • Direction and Orientation Detection
  • Maximum power consumption
  • Accurate location detection (GPS)
  • Fully integral antenna
  • Automated Daylight Saving Support
  • Standard 20mm thread
  • iBeacon & Eddystone support
  • Anti-fouling and bird-proof design
  • Additional sensors supported
  • Dimensions (including seal)
    ∅75 x 98mm

Seamless integration with all enLight lighting, enAct™ and enSense™ technologies

The DOLFin Pro is designed to work in harmony with the enLight entelli-Ballast™ or any other mains powered device from the enSense or enAct range and uses the enTalk mesh networking protocol to provide a massively scalable wireless platform for connecting sensors and actuators to the internet. Not only does it include a whole host of sensors designed to vastly reduce the cost of managing and maintaining outdoor lighting but it can also be connected to additional sensors on or in the lamp post to, for example, monitor the water table level in the base of the column, measure microclimate information, determine air quality or any other of the enSense sensors designed to complement the enLight platform. Away from the lamp post, wireless enSense devices can connect to the network via a DOLFin Pro for their data feed to be sent on to the enGauge™ API.

A foundational platform for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The DOLFin Pro is enLight’s next generation of low power, wireless network node that extends range and increases bandwidth to address the increasing need to connect sensors and actuators in urban environments from cities to villages and from airports to campuses. The in-built GPS provides accurate location registration for lighting assets and the bluetooth beaconing technology allows location based services to be delivered off that GPS reference. The enLight DOLFin Pro is lighting the way to Smart Urban Infrastructure.

We would be happy to talk to those interested in taking this technology to scale so please contact us on +44 (0) 1508 521227.