Case Studies

Here are some case studies of real deployment in both the private and public sector. They are proof that the enLight platform can make significant energy savings – in the order of 50% – which is not usually possible with traditional or High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting.

The savings come partly from the following:

1. Lamp downgrades – because the enLight platform produces up to 20% more light per input watt, it is often possible to drop the existing lamp wattage down to the next one in the family i.e. replacing a 150W SON with a 100W SON (Loddon) or 150W SON to 100W Metal Halide (ARM).

2. Ballast Efficiency – the enLight Entelli-Ballast is over 95% efficient so almost all the power drawn from the mains is converted to light. This improves significantly over traditional wire-wound ballasts that are typically only 60-70% efficient but is also better than more modern electronic ballasts that can be up to 85% efficient.

3. Trimming and Dimming – the enlight platform uses a much more sensitive photocell than is usually found in lanterns and so we can trim minutes from both the dusk and dawn trigger timings as well as automatically taking daylight savings changes into account. As most lighting schemes are overlit, we can also dim the lamp in normal use by 1% increments down to the level that meets regulation – and this is all before applying a dimming schedule for late at night when fewer people are around.

The installations that have been in for more than 4 years also demonstrate how we can get extended life from standard SON and Metal Halide lamps. In fact, we have lanterns on the side of our building that have been in service now for over 8 years – coming on automatically every evening and staying on through the night.


EnLight saves 49% energy in Loddon streetlight retrofit upgrade

ARM Holdings plc.

“This will result in an ROI of less than 3.5 years but with the added benefit of full remote monitoring and control and reduced maintenance costs.” – Director of Property, ARM

BT plc

EnLight installation in car park lighting at BT’s Global R&D Headquarters at Adastral Park

Hethel Engineering Centre

EnLight technology selected for new and retrofit installation at Hethel Engineering Centre