A landmark for lighting

Entelli-Ballast™ is the world's first truly universal energy-efficient ballast. One single unit can power all 35-100 watt lamps regardless of the type or manufacturer. It even powers LEDs! The Ultra Soft Start Technology™ employed by Entelli-Ballast™ starts lamps with ease, cleans old lamps and extends lamp life. Full linear dimming to any percentage from 30% to 100% is smooth and simple. It is fully reverse compatible - designed to replace old ballasts simply and quickly.

Key Features

  • Unprecedented 95% energy efficiency
  • One Ballast Powering multiple lamps inc. SON, SOX, CosmoPolis, StreetWise, CMH, CDM & LED's
  • Energy savings of at least 10-45%.
  • Powers lamps from all leading lamp manufacturers
  • Controls any lamp from 35w - 100w
  • Ultra Soft Start Technology™
  • Linear dimming of lamps from 30% - 100%
  • Universal Entelli-Ballast™ for all types of 150-400 Watt Lamps available soon
  • Drastically simplified stock and maintenance with only one ballast required to run all lamps in a wide ranges of Wattages.
  • Greatly extended lamp life. (Still under assimilated manufacturer's switch testing guidelines – no failures after equivalent of 10 years)
  • Technology gain in keeping new and old lamps clean from degradation adding to lamp life.

The EnLight® Entelli-Ballast™ is designed and radio enabled as standard (for use now or in the future) to work in harmony with the EnTalk™ Remote Management System and EnLight® DolFin® (Digital Optical Light Fully Integrated Network). Together, these three components take remote lighting management to an unprecedented new level of simplicity, flexibility and efficiency.

The Entelli-Ballast™ from EnLight® is what you have been waiting for.