Ultimate Lighting Control

The EnTalk™ Remote Management System is an advanced, feature-rich, future proof and real-time remote lighting management device that puts others in the shade. It enables the lighting controller complete desktop based control of their lighting network including lamp-by-lamp linear dimming.

Simple to use, it delivers intuitive real-time monitoring of every lamp on a network, with lamp performance displayed as a live graphical on-screen trace. Data capture and intelligent fault diagnosis help to deliver efficiency breakthroughs, reducing both time and cost.

Key features

  • Fully featured bi-directional telemetry remote management of lighting networks
  • Real time lamp-by-lamp control and monitoring
  • Intelligent diagnostics and data capture
  • Live graphic traces of lamp power, performance and ambient light levels
  • Stepless linear dimming from your desktop
  • Easy to install, understand and operate

Technically advanced yet easy to use, EnTalk™ delivers complete remote lighting management. The EnTalk™ Remote Management System is designed to work in harmony with the EnLight® Entelli-Ballast™ and EnLight® DolFin® (Digital Optical Light Fully Integrated Network). Together, these three components take remote lighting management to an unprecedented new level of simplicity, flexibility and efficiency.